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S&S offers free pick up of telephone equipment for recycling in the Minneapolis metro area. We will disassemble all phones, cabinets, power supplies etc, dispose of plastics and recycle all electronics properly.
To schedule pickup please call 800-856-1361 or email our office.

How do we make money? We refurbish and sell used telephone equipment. If there are any parts that we think we can resell, we will test and refurbish them for possible sale at a later date. We do get money for the scrap electronics, but this dollar amount is so low that it is not enough to pay someone with just this income. Many items, such as telephones cost more to dispose of the plastics than the electronics are ever worth. This is usually balanced out by circuit cards in the phone systems that require little labor to prepare for scrap. Because we've been in the telecom industry for so long if there's an item in your old system that can be reused by anyone in the country we'll find them!

Is it possible that we would be willing to pay for your equipment? Yes, if you send us a detailed list of what you have we would look it over for value. Keep in mind that what we may find of value may not be what you expect. With so many telephone systems being licensed the resale value has dropped tremendously. For example a certain circuit card may be of value because it's still used in newer systems. But this is almost impossible to predict without going over a detailed list. Even in this example we'll find that some hardware versions of the same circuit cards are worthless while some have value.

Electronics Recycling
S&S Communications map in Golden Valley Minnesota

CIX40 package

New Toshiba CIX40 Package, 4 Caller ID trunks 8 digital ports. With 4 DP5022-SDM Telephones

Toshiba telephone repair

Toshiba Telephone Repair

Toshiba CTX 100 8x16 package with Caller ID

Toshiba CTX 100 system 
with Caller ID and 4 DKT3210-SD
Refurbished with
1 year warranty