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Inter-Tel 550.2015 CPU128 AXXESS processor Refurbished

550.2015 cpu128 inter-tel
Item Number: 550.2015 R
Manufacturer: INTER-TEL
Manufacturer Part No: 550.2015
Inter-Tel 550.2015 CPU128 processor for the AXXESS system. Will run 128 devices in 2 AXXESS cabinets. The CPU128 can be loaded with software ranging from 4.4 to 7.0, we would prefer to know what software level you need and preload the processor before shipping. The CPU128 is shipped without a PAL chip, the PAL chip is an IC chip that goes into a socket on the CPU128 and determines how many premium features you can enable. It must also match your software version, for example if you upgrade your software from 5.2 to 7.0 your PAL chip would also have to be upgraded. There are three different types of PAL chips, non-network, network, and Eclipse. If you are replacing a defective processor simply remove your PAL chip and put it on the new processor. If you need a PAL chip please call for availability.
All 550.2015 refurbished processors are shipped with a new battery and come with a 1 year warranty.
CPU64 and CPU128 Pal chip compatibility table PDF

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