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INTER-TEL 550.2500 SLA analog adapter-Refurbished

550.2500 Inter-Tel 2 port analog adapter SLA
Price: $75.00
Item Number: 550.2500-R
Manufacturer: INTER-TEL
Manufacturer Part No: 550.2500

Inter-Tel 550.2500 SLA 2 port analog / DID adapter with power supply, for use with the AXXESS system. With 1 year warranty.

Inputs one DKSC digital port and outputs two analog ports. May also input two analog DID trunks into the system in the same way. Or one of each.

Digital port is set in programming to be two analog ports, two digital ports or one of each.

Strap setting inside SLA for each port must be set to analog port or DID. We ship everything to analog port because this is much more common.

Very convenient way to add a couple of analog ports. Uses only a digital port instead of using a whole slot for a SLC or SLC16 card. 550 2500 5502500 2500

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