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INTER-TEL 550.2740 T1/E1 Card - Refurbished

card for use with ETEL 550.2740 T1/E1
Price: $99.00
Item Number: 550.2740-R
Manufacturer: INTER-TEL
Manufacturer Part No: 550.2740

550.2740 Inter-Tel T1/E1  card for use with the AXXESS system. With 1 year warranty.

The 550.2740 provides 24 channels for T1 or with the 827.8877 PRI PAL 23 B channels and 1 D channel for ISDN PRI. (E1 is not used in the US)

If using the 550.2740 for PRI the 827.8877 PRI PAL must be purchased seperately.

The software on the T1/E1 must match the software of the processor card. The T1/E1 will upgrade automatically from the processor as long as the software of the T1/E1 is lower than the processor. For this reason when we are done testing these cards the last thing we do is to load a very old version of software. This way the T1/E1 should always upgrade to the proper software level.

Remember, the T1/E1 will never downgrade automatically. For example if you have a spare T1/E1 card that came out of a version 10 system and you put it into a version 6 system it will not work. In this case you would have to manually downgrade the T1/E1 using the serial port.

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