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INTER-TEL 770.3000 IP-SLA IP analog adapter refurbished

770.3000 Inter-Tel IP SLA single line adpater
Price: $225.00
Out of stock
Item Number: 770.3000 R
Manufacturer: INTER-TEL
Manufacturer Part No: 770.3000

770.3000 Inter-Tel IP-SLA provides 1 analog port (not 2 as you may read elsewhere!) for cordless phones, fax machines, trunks for remote locations etc.

There are two different hardware revisions of the 770.3000, one with a barrel type plug for power and one without. The one without must use the 806.1113 power supply. It will not work with the 806.1114 or POE. The one with the barrel type power plug may use the 806.1113 or a plug in 24v transformer.

The power supply is included but which power supply we send will depend on what hardware revision it is.

There are two VERY different scenarios for installing the 770.3000 depending on software level.

The first scenario is with older software (Pre 8.1) The IP card is programmed as a DKSC16 card and no IP license is required. The digital port on the DKSC16 card must be set to 2 single lines but this does not mean the IP-SLA provides 2 ports.

The second scenario is with 8.1 and newer software. The IP card is programmed as an IP card and you must have an IP endpoint license in order to make it work.

These two scenarios require that different software be uploaded to the 770.3000, we typically ship with the newer software installed but we are very willing to install whatever software you need. Installing the Inter-Tel database programming software also installs upload software utility so changing software is not difficult as long as you have the proper file to upload.

770 3000 7703000

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