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Replacement 806.1113 24V IP Power Supply- Refurbished

806.1113 replacement
806.1113 replacementback view showing barrel plug in
Price: $20.00
Item Number: WDU24-500 N
Manufacturer: INTER-TEL
Manufacturer Part No: WDU24-500 N

Replacement transformer for Inter-Tel 806.1113, 24 volts DC 500ma. This transformer has been shown to work on the 770.4600. It will also work with the 770.3000 and 770.4500 if they have an input for a barrel type power connector. Some models of the IP SLA and 770.4500 do not have a barrel style power input and must use the 806.1113 power injector.

This power supply does not inject power through the ethernet cable. It has a barrel type power connector that plugs into the back of the phone. The power input on your phone may have a plastic plug that is in the hole. This will need to be removed. The plug may be brittle and hard to remove, some will slide right out and some will come out in pieces.

The 806.1113 has been long discontinued. As time has passed it has become harder and more expensive to find. This transformer was sourced to provide a more reasonable alternative.

8061113 806 1113 WDU24500

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