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Nortel Avaya T24 Key Indicator Module KIM NT8B29AAAA - Refurbished

T24 NT8B29AAAA KIM Nortel Black
Price: $49.00
Item Number: NT8B29AAAA-R
Manufacturer: Nortel Networks
Manufacturer Part No: NT8B29AAAA
Nortel T24 Key Indicator Module NT8B29AAAA Black
Provides DSS and Busy Lamp Field functions
for T7316e telephone set only
Compatible with BCM or CICS/MICS R6.1 or higher
Up to 9 T24's per T7316 set (5 or more requires SAPS)
Max 20 T24's per CICS/MICS system
On CICS/MICS, only 5 phones support T24
One year warranty

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