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Samsung KP100DBPS/XAR IDCS 100 Power Supply Refurbished

samsung idcs100 power supply
samsung idcs100 power supplysamsung idcs 100 power supply side view
Price: $125.00
Out of stock
Item Number: KP100DBPS/XAR R
Manufacturer: Samsung
Manufacturer Part No: KP100DBPS/XAR
Samsung KP100DBPS/XAR IDCS 100 Power Supply
Model Name CKPS-V3C
Troubleshooting note: The typical bad IDCS100 power supply will have both green lights on and voltages will read good. The problem is with AC ripple being introduced into the DC supply voltage. You may be able to confirm that you have a bad power supply by pulling all expansion cards out and seeing if the power supply will run just the basic cabinet. This is a case where you really need a refurbished power supply and not one that has been removed from service.
Refurbished One Year Warranty

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