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Toshiba BCTU2A CIX Processor - Refurbished

Toshiba BCTU2A processor
Price: $695.00
Item Number: BCTU2A-R
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: BCTU2A
Toshiba BCTU2A CIX processor. Supports up to 2 cabinets and 192 ports when properly licensed. If more than 2 cabinets or 192 ports are needed the expansion processor BEXU2A must be added. The BCTU2 came with 64 basic ports. Because this is a licensed product we may have processors with more ports. Please call or email to see what is available for ports on any specific day. BCTU2 processors are upgraded to the latest software available. Complete with AMDS1A modem card and SD memory card. Refurbished with 1 year warranty.

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Toshiba BEXU2A Expansion Processor for BCTU2A - Refurb
Toshiba BEXU2A Expansion processor for CIX/CTX670 R4.x and R5.x Mounts on BCTU2A One per system to support over 192 ports or more than 2 cabinets Refurbished One year warranty

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