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Toshiba BPSU672A CTX672 CIX672 power supply Refurbished

Toshiba BPSU672A
Price: $74.99
Item Number: BPSU672A R
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: BPSU672A
Toshiba BPSU672A power supply for the CIX672 and CTX672 systems. The BPSU672 will fit in the CHSUB672 or the CHSUE672 cabinets. It will not fit into the rack mount cabinets CRSUB672 or the CRSUE672. The BPSU672 has a switch to select Base or expansion. If the switch is in the expansion position it will not be able to turn itself on unless the main cabinet is on. In a working system the power switch in the main cabinet will turn all the other power supplies on and off. The power switch in the expansion cabinets can be used to shut off power in an individual cabinet if adding a card etc. in a functioning system.
Refurbished with 1 year warranty

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