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Toshiba CIX40 Cabinet with GCTU2 processor

Toshiba CIX40 CHSU40A3 cabinet with GCTU2
Price: $575.00
Item Number: CHSU40/GCTU2
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: CHSU40A3, GCTU2
Toshiba CIX40 CHSU40A3 cabinet with GCTU2 processor
Equipped for 4 C.O. lines with Caller ID, 8 digital stations and 1 Standard Tel
Provides built-in MOH interface, Paging interface, Relay contact, maintenance modem and NIC for eManager
One year warranty

CIX40 package

New Toshiba CIX40 Package, 4 Caller ID trunks 8 digital ports. With 4 DP5022-SDM Telephones

Toshiba telephone repair

Toshiba Telephone Repair

Toshiba CTX 100 8x16 package with Caller ID

Toshiba CTX 100 system 
with Caller ID and 4 DKT3210-SD
Refurbished with
1 year warranty