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Toshiba DDCB Digital Door Phone Control Box - New

Price: $110.00
Item Number: DDCB-N
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: DDCB3A
Toshiba 3-circuit Digital Door Phone/Lock Control Box
1 for each of 3 door phone stations. Door phone stations may be a MDFB door phone or a door lock. The second port "B" may be set up as either a door phone or a door release relay.
All new DDCB units are a DDCB3A. The only difference between the DDCB1A, DDCB2A, and DDCB3A is that the three door phone ports chime differently on the DDCB3A. For example if you have a MDFB at the front door and one at the back door you can tell which one is ringing by the sound.
Requires 1 digital station port per DDCB.
One year warranty.

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