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TOSHIBA DKT2104-CT refurbished

Toshiba DKT2104-CT cordless
Price: Call for Pricing and Availability
Item Number: DKT2104-CT R
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: DKT2104-CT

If the DKT2104 is out of stock we would recomment looking at the DKT2504

TOSHIBA DKT2104-CT cordless telephone for use with TOSHIBA phone systems on a digital port. May be used as a stand alone or with a DKT2000 series corded telephone. Standard features include the following.

  • 900 MHZ Narrow Band Technology
  • LCD that wraps 2 lines for a total of 32 characters
  • Eight programmable buttons for feature or multiple line appearances
  • Headset jack
  • Five handset ring modes, including a vibration mode
  • Hold, Message (LCD icon), Conference/Transfer, and Mute buttons

Installation notes

  • All Toshiba cordless phones should be programmed to receive system intercom tone when going off hook. To answer or make a call press the talk key, to hang up press the talk key. This will eliminate the problem of having to press a button twice to get the desired reaction.
  • When putting A DKT2104 phone next to a DKT2000 series corded telephone it must be placed on the right side. If the cordless phone is placed on the left it may cause interference.
  • May be used with a DKT3000 series corded phone if it is in DKT2000 mode

DKT2104-CT comes with the following

  • Cordless handset DKT2104-CH with belt clip
  • Base unit DKT2104-CB and power transformer
  • Line cord
  • Charging cradle DKT2104-CC and power transformer

         2104 DKT2104

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