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Toshiba DKT2504-DECT Cordless Telephone New

DKT2504-DECT Toshiba
DKT2504-DECT ToshibaDKT2504-DECT Toshiba with base
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Item Number: DKT2504-DECT N
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: DKT2504-DECT
Toshiba DKT2504-DECT cordless phone New
The DKT2504-DECT is the latest in Toshiba's line of DKT cordless telephones. It replaces the DKT2404, DKT2304, DKT2204, DKT2104, and DKT2004. It uses 9.0 GHz DECT 6.0 technology for better sound quality, improved range, and greater security.

The included base station has a range of 300-400 feet. Up to 6 optional repeaters can be linked together extending the range to over 1000 feet in open areas.
The optional repeater is the same as the repeater for the DKT2404

The DKT2504 provides up to 16 hours of talk time and 7 days of standby time on a full charge.

The DKT2504-DECT includes the following:
  • Handset
  • Base unit
  • Base unit stand
  • Base unit wall plate adapter
  • Rechargeable handset battery
  • charging unit
  • Two AC adapters (one for the base unit, one for the charger)
  • Belt clip
For more features and specifications see the DKT2504-DECT product bulletin

Installation notes

  • All Toshiba cordless phones should be programmed to receive system intercom tone when going off hook. To answer or make a call press the talk key, to hang up press the talk key. This will eliminate the problem of having to press a button twice to get the desired reaction.
  • When putting a DKT2504 phone next to a digital corded telephone it must be placed on the right side. If the cordless phone is placed on the left it may cause interference.
  • If plugging a digital telephone into the base unit it must either be a DKT2000 phone or be in the DKT2000 mode. To put a DKT3000 series or DP5000 series telephone into the DKT2000 mode use the following procedure. With the handset down press 3+6+9+HOLD (simultaneously), press #, press FB 7, Press HOLD, Lift the handset to exit programming mode. Note Flexible Buttons (FB) are numbered from the bottom up and left to right.
    FB7 for example would be the seventh button up on the left.

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