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Toshiba KPSU16A Replacement Power Supply for DK16 - Refurbished

Price: $225.00
Item Number: KPSU16-R
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: KPSU16

 Toshiba KPSU16A power supply for the DK16 DKSUB16A. After years of reliable service these power supplies have started to fail when powered off and then back on. After repairing hundreds of these power supplies the repair rate is near perfect as long as the KPSU16A is properly packed to keep the circuit board from cracking. Whether purchasing or having a power supply repaired all suspect components are replaced. At this time there does not seem to be any reason to think that a refurbished power supply will not supply many more years of reliable service.

The availability of the KPSU16A in refurbished condition has decreased as time has passed. We typically have a couple in stock and are willing to discuss a discounted price if we get the defective KPSU16A to refurbish and send out to the next customer.

We have repaired many of these power supplies and can ship repaired unit back out the same day it is received. Repair price is $50.00

When plugged into AC power the AC light on the KPSU should always be on. When the power switch is in the "on" position the DC light should also be on. If this is not the case then the power supply is defective and needs to be repaired.

The KPSU16A is for the DKSUB16A not the DKSUBT16A DK16e.

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