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Toshiba RPSU424 power supply for DK280 or DK424 systems - Refurbished

Price: $99.00
Item Number: RPSU424-R
Manufacturer: Toshiba
Manufacturer Part No: RPSU424
Toshiba RPSU424 Refurbished with One year warranty

Toshiba RPS424A is the cabinet power supply for the DK280 DK424 base and expansion cabinets. All RPSU424 power supplies come with a one year warranty. The RPSU424 fits into the DKSUB280A, DKSUE280A, DKSUB424A, and DKSUE424A cabinets. It will not fit into the DK424i cabinets.(CHSU672)

Under normal conditions only the base cabinet power supply has the base plug with the green loop wire. This gives the base cabinet power switch the ability to work. All the other expansion cabinets should be left with their power switches in the on position and be controlled by the main cabinet.

For troubleshooting purposes the green loop plug should be moved from power supply to power supply to determine which power supplies work and which don't. For example if you have a base and two expansion cabinets that are completely dead it is likely that the base RPSU424A is bad. Simply move the loop plug to the expansion cabinets and see if they will power up on their own. By moving a RPSU424A out of an expansion and into the main in this example you may be able to get two of the three cabinets back up in a couple of minutes. The RPSU424 should power up with all green lights even when not plugged into a cabinet provided that it has the green loop plug installed.

You may find that some or all of your DK424 cabinets have a RPSU280A power supply not a RPSU424A. This power supply was introduced with the DK280 and is interchangable with the RPSU424A. Although the green loop plug is different just to make life a little more challenging.

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