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Inter-Tel Axxess battery TL-2150 Size 1/2 AA

Price: $12.95
Item Number: TL-2150 N
Manufacturer: GENERIC
Manufacturer Part No: TL-2150
Inter-Tel Axxess battery TL-2150 Size 1/2 AA 3.6 volt lithium with 90 day warranty
Replacement battery for CPU64 550.2014 550.2042 CPU128 550.2010 550.2018 CPU256 CPU512 and others.
While some systems can go for 10 years or longer on a lithium coin battery the Inter-Tel Axxess has never been one of them. A new battery may hold memory for 30 days but that's 30 days total. If the power goes out for a day you now have 29 days left etc. If the power is not removed there is no power drain on the battery and it will last potentially for decades. The picture below shows an easy way to test the battery without removing power. The battery will hold programming down to around the 3 volt range. If the battery is low then a current backup of the database should be made, the battery replaced, and then the database restored.

axxess battery tst

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